Saturday, July 26, 2008

Summertime Fun!

Our neighbors had the best neighborhood party tonight. They had inflatable slides larger than I've ever seen, and a couple bounce houses. They had Lon's BBQ cater the hamburgers and hotdogs. They had cottoncandy machines, popcorn machines, and snowcones. My kids thought they were in heaven. And they had a 70's band come and play. And what's even more spectacular, they invited the whole ward and neighbors and their own family and friends to come. They had a great turnout. The only bad thing, though, it started to rain, and continued raining, and then it started to blow and rain even harder. Many took off running. Some others ran to the barn for cover. All the bands equipments had to be disassembled or covered. But while it was awesome. Thanks Coombs!

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