Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Click on this link to see this fun and cute candy/dessert tables. Ya know I have a major sweet tooth, and I love to be creative, so these look so fun to me! (Thanks to my cuz Hilarie, who had this on her blog). I can't wait for an occasion to do this at--and put my own personal spin on it. Maybe Christmas, or for sure I'm thinking my daughters baptism that'll be coming up soon! (Thanks Hilarie! I love your blog!!!) Here's the candy table link. http://amyatlas.com/index.php/main/portfolio/

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to our Little Man!!!

On Monday we celebrated Anthon's 3rd birthday.

It's hard to believe that 3 years ago we were at the hospital having Anthon. Our first little boy. He was the cutest little bug, and such a good baby. He has brought us so much happiness and changed the dynamic of our family.
I get very sentimental about my children growing up. And he'll probably always be the baby---so it's crazy to think of my baby as being 3 years old. He always reassures me though...."Don't worry, Mommy, I'll stay little."

To celebrate his third we went miniature golfing as a family. That evening Nana and Papa and Uncle Steve came over for dinner, cake and ice-cream and a pinata. Anthon was royally spoiled with presents(I don't know how else to do it!) and loved all the attention and playing with his new things.

Things we love about our boy: he loves to be in the middle of all the action, he likes to laugh and have fun, he still loves to cuddle, he's a tease, he gives great hugs and kisses, his curly hair and long dark eyelashes(I'm envious!), he's mommy's little shopping buddy, he loves BYU sports and even remembers some of the players by name in his prayers (something Matt appreciates), that his favorite people in the whole world are his family.

We love Anthon so much and can't imagine life without our little man!

First Day of School for Everyone!

Okay, obviously I'm behind on my blogging if I'm barely posting first day of school pics. School has been in for about a month for us. So life has been crazy busy! I feel like I have a second to breathe, so I thought I'd share some pics.
All three of our children are loving school!!! And I am too, I even get 2 and 1/2 hours all to myself, twice a week. (The only funny thing though, is I usually spend those two hours running errands for my kids....like getting birthday party presents, stuff they needs for school, etc. )!
Anthon is even taking a two day a week little 3 year old school in our neighborhood.
Micaela is in Kindergarten this year. She barely missed the deadline, so she's one of the oldest in her grades, and is already reading chapter books. She always comes home so wound up and crazy. The minute the carpool hits our culdesac you can hear them. They have the windows down and are totally screaming and yelling. The first time I heard the noise it kind of scared me, I thought for sure someone was dying or just got ran over.
Lauren is in second grade and is such an excellent student. We love the little girl she is turning into. She is so confident, is liked by everyone, very easy to get along with (but she also has a strong personality and does not let people push her around---we're glad for that!) and is very conscientious when it comes to her school work.

Poor Uncle Nate!

Micaela in many ways seems so much older than she actually is. She will be turning 6 in a couple of weeks. But she says some of the funniest things, a lot of it is just representative of her age.

Micaela absolutely loves her Kindergarten teacher. We definitely scored getting her this year. She just barely moved here from St. George and this is her 6th year teaching. She has dark brown hair to her waist, is tall and thin, is young, and is always very happy and smiling. Micaela is continually asking if she can move and live with her teacher.

So we were having the conversation the other day that she can't move in with her because that would make us miss her, so then she wondered if Uncle Nate could marry her so she could be her aunt. We talked about how they would make a great couple and maybe we could set them up on a date (sorry Nate!).

Uncle Nate is Matt's single brother. Poor Uncle Nate is always getting teased about not being married. At Christmas time we draw names as sibling for gift exchange. Nate got pots and pans. Everyone tries to set Nate up. Probably because we all know that he's a find.

Anyway, after the conversation about her teacher and Uncle Nate going on a date, Micaela kept telling me what she'd say to her teacher the next day at school.

"I'll just tell her that I have a really fun uncle who plays the guitar and does temple work and that maybe they could get married." So I coached her on the appropriate thing to say....not anything about getting married. Again, later she came to me and practiced what she'd say, "I'll just tell her that my uncle Nate is a lot of fun, and he always plays with me and that he liked one girl but that didn't really work out too good and so we'll see if you work out!" It was so funny.

Anyway, I guess a couple of days ago she said something to her teacher about Uncle Nate. I'm not sure how the conversation went, but she said she waited until everyone had gone outside for recess, and she was waiting for her friend to leave her side, then she talked to her teacher. She said her teacher laughed(not sure how Micaela's words came out).....and then said, "that would be very cool, I'd love to meet your uncle Nate."

So, poor Uncle Nate, is so loved and everyone thinks he's so great, that even his 5 year old niece is trying to set him up. So what do you say, Nate?? Do you want to go on date with another niece/nephews school teacher???? She is very cute!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Life of Service

Matt's grandmother (and I adopted her long ago as mine......since both of my Grandmothers passed away years ago) of 92 very peacefully passed away this morning at about 3:00 a.m. She has lived such a full, active, and wonderful live. As an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and much because of her personality, her life, at least what I knew of her, was dedicated to serving others. She was a quiet, tender, and shy individual and didn't like a lot of attention. But if you did give her a compliment or recognition should would always beam. She was a hard worker! She always had a beautiful yard and a huge garden. Just last year, when she was still living at her own residence, I brought lunch and the kids to her home to spend some time with her. I pulled up, knocked, no one answered, walked in.....called for her. Still no answer. I started to get worried. Just as I was headed next door to the neighbors house, who is also her grandson's home.......of course, I should have known. Little tiny, bent over Grandmother was pruning her corner planter of rose bushes. Her arms were scratched from working, and she apologized about the way she might look. She was excited to see my children, and very graciously welcomed us inside her home.
She was a beautiful quilter, and would stitch every quilt by hand. I can't imagine how many quilts she has made in her lifetime. Each grandchild as they were married was given a hand stitched large quilt for their bed, and each great-grandchild received a baby blanket, also hand stitched with love by their Great-Grandmother. These blankets are treasures, and my children's favorites, and they know they were a gift from their Grandma Anne.
We admire and love Grandma so much, we named Micaela after her.........Micaela Ann.
About a year ago Grandma moved to an assisted care home. This was hard on her. And then this last week her health deteriorated rapidly, after a fall at the home. After a couple of days in a hospital, she was moved to Matt's brothers home with the care of a hospice nurse. She was there just two days before she passed away.
It was very special to be apart of Grandma's passing. It was special to see big strong men hug and express their love to their dying mother and grandmother. To see granddaughters treat her so tenderly and with such respect and love.
I believe the hardest part of seeing her go, was that Matt's mother, her only daughter, is currently serving a mission in Africa. We had hoped she could be here. But through wonderful technology (skype/webcams) she was able to be with her mother in her final hours. We're grateful for Marilyn's faith and example, and her strength in being willing to continue to serve her mission. We realize her strength is because of her faith in a loving Heavenly Father and knowledge of a greater plan.
I am so glad for eternal families. To know that life doesn't end at our last breath on earth.
Being apart of this experience also puts things in perspective. That what really is important in live is loving those around us, and expressing that love often. To treat each other with kindness. I'm grateful for Matt's grandmothers example of a life well lived.