Thursday, September 18, 2008

Poor Uncle Nate!

Micaela in many ways seems so much older than she actually is. She will be turning 6 in a couple of weeks. But she says some of the funniest things, a lot of it is just representative of her age.

Micaela absolutely loves her Kindergarten teacher. We definitely scored getting her this year. She just barely moved here from St. George and this is her 6th year teaching. She has dark brown hair to her waist, is tall and thin, is young, and is always very happy and smiling. Micaela is continually asking if she can move and live with her teacher.

So we were having the conversation the other day that she can't move in with her because that would make us miss her, so then she wondered if Uncle Nate could marry her so she could be her aunt. We talked about how they would make a great couple and maybe we could set them up on a date (sorry Nate!).

Uncle Nate is Matt's single brother. Poor Uncle Nate is always getting teased about not being married. At Christmas time we draw names as sibling for gift exchange. Nate got pots and pans. Everyone tries to set Nate up. Probably because we all know that he's a find.

Anyway, after the conversation about her teacher and Uncle Nate going on a date, Micaela kept telling me what she'd say to her teacher the next day at school.

"I'll just tell her that I have a really fun uncle who plays the guitar and does temple work and that maybe they could get married." So I coached her on the appropriate thing to say....not anything about getting married. Again, later she came to me and practiced what she'd say, "I'll just tell her that my uncle Nate is a lot of fun, and he always plays with me and that he liked one girl but that didn't really work out too good and so we'll see if you work out!" It was so funny.

Anyway, I guess a couple of days ago she said something to her teacher about Uncle Nate. I'm not sure how the conversation went, but she said she waited until everyone had gone outside for recess, and she was waiting for her friend to leave her side, then she talked to her teacher. She said her teacher laughed(not sure how Micaela's words came out).....and then said, "that would be very cool, I'd love to meet your uncle Nate."

So, poor Uncle Nate, is so loved and everyone thinks he's so great, that even his 5 year old niece is trying to set him up. So what do you say, Nate?? Do you want to go on date with another niece/nephews school teacher???? She is very cute!!!!


Andrea said...

Heck if he doesn't want to, or if it doesn't work out, tell Miceala to set her teacher up with her other two single uncles....hahaha! :)

Brynn said...

OMGosh, that is hilarious!!!