Friday, June 18, 2010


Anthon, Lauren, and Micaela swimming at their Aunt's house on Memorial Day...Thanks Aunt Christie and Uncle Keith, we had so much fun!!!
The kids with their friends Halle and Hunter as we fill up our pool. We....I guess I should say "I".......keep upgrading our above ground pool every year. This one is 48" deep and 18' round. It'll have to do until we get our in-ground pool!

Cute Lauren. The girls are on the swimteam this summer, so they're in their swimming suits and goggles every single day.

Anthon ready for a plunge. He was diving perfect dives off the diving board. The kid has no fear....sometimes I wish he did!

Our 3 baby ducks. The kids all wanted ducks, so they used their own money to each buy one. We raised them, and then released them at the park. They were cute, but sure were a stinky mess. Anthon and Micaela chillin' in our garage, watching the little ducklings. You can see Anthon still has on PJ's on. Gotta love summer.

Summer is by far my most favorite time of the year!!!! I love everything about it!!! I love walking past the windows and seeing the flowers in my yard and all the pretty colors outside. I love to wake up hearing the birds chirping outside my window. I love being able to sleep in!! Talking with neighbors late at night on the sidewalk while the kids run and play on the grass barefoot. It's such a happy time of year. So there's a few pictures that show how we've been livin' the happy summer life!