Friday, September 18, 2009

Moving up a Grade Level

I get kinda sentimental when school starts. Maybe it's because I have to acknowledge that my babies are growing up. Lauren started 3rd grade. She seems so old.......and it seems official that she's now a "tween". (Lauren standing in line, waiting or the bell to ring on the first day of school. Two of her very best friends are in her school class.)

Micaela started first grade. The girls are so excited that they were on the same schedule.They get to go to school together and walk home together. And the first few days, Lauren thought it was fun to see Micaela in the lunchroom and at the recess. Now she wonders why Micaela and her friends "have to follow her around"? But, luckily all of Lauren's friends love Micaela, and all of Micaela's friends like Lauren. Micaela thinks it's cool to hang with the big 3rd graders.

AJ started a little pre-school in our neighborhood. It's just 6 children. It's 2 days a week. He's getting too big! (He did get a haircut right after this picture :)
Cute Micaela getting situated at her desk the first day of school. I can't believe she's a first grader. She's always been our tiny little girl, so it seems strange she's a "big first grader". She's adjusted so easily to first grade and staying all day. She's made lots of friends and her teacher is amazing.

Micaela in the mudroom at school with one of her best friends who's in her class.

Lauren loves the "bright colors" that all the stores have right now. I think those of us who experienced them in jr. high, it's a little strange to see our children wearing the 80's clothes. Lauren's our little fashion diva. She loves clothes, jewelry and shoes.
My children are growing up way too fast. But I love getting to stay home with them, having the flexibility to volunteer in their classroom, go eat lunch with them in the cafeteria (already done it once) and be there when they come home from school. I love the people they are becoming. They're kind, considerate, thoughtful, and becoming very responsible. Sometimes I wish I could freeze them, and make them quit growing, and keep them little forever. But then I can't do that, so I may as well enjoy the ride as they continue to mature and grow.