Sunday, July 27, 2008

Take Me Out To the Ballgame!

On Friday Night we took the three kids to the Bees baseball game. I must admit, I wasn't that excited about going, but Matt was excited about it so I thought I'd be a good sport. AJ's favorite song is "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and his room is decorated in old fashioned baseball stuff so I thought we should take him so he could find out exactly what 'peanuts and crackerjacks' are.

We actually had a great time. Matt asked if I'd want to go again and take the kids. They did really well and sat there the whole time. Since it was the weekend of July 24th (our states Pioneer Day holiday) there were fireworks afters. And at the end of the game and fireworks all kids were welcomed to go down on the field and run the bases. They also got to meet the Bee mascot. And to top it off..... AJ caught (okay it was really Matt) a foul ball. Matt believes that since this was AJ's first real baseball game, and because he got a ball, that he's destined to be a great baseball player someday. The funny thing was, Matt was just sitting there holding Anthon, the ball bounced around and then basically landed right in Matt's hand. He immediately gave the prize to AJ, who without hesitation hucked that baby down several rows. Everyone got a few laughs, and luckily the guy who caught it a few rows down let us retrieve it (after Anthon's mom yelled at him that he better give it back to her two year old:) So hopefully Katie, a secretary at Matt's work who is a Bee's girl will take it to the ballfield and get all the players to sign it. It was a fun night. AJ can't wait to go again. He loved singing 'Take Me out to the Ballgame' during the 7th inning, and seemed surprised to think that so many other people knew the song too.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Summertime Fun!

Our neighbors had the best neighborhood party tonight. They had inflatable slides larger than I've ever seen, and a couple bounce houses. They had Lon's BBQ cater the hamburgers and hotdogs. They had cottoncandy machines, popcorn machines, and snowcones. My kids thought they were in heaven. And they had a 70's band come and play. And what's even more spectacular, they invited the whole ward and neighbors and their own family and friends to come. They had a great turnout. The only bad thing, though, it started to rain, and continued raining, and then it started to blow and rain even harder. Many took off running. Some others ran to the barn for cover. All the bands equipments had to be disassembled or covered. But while it was awesome. Thanks Coombs!

MacKay and Micaela Sitting in a Tree.......

K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Okay, they weren't sitting in a tree, but they have been caught kissing before. Anyone have any advice? This boy is actually so dang cute! He and Micaela love each other too death. They met at a neighborhood pre-school and really hit it off. He lives just down the street from us but he's a grade ahead of her and a Primary group ahead as well. He is like the male version of Micaela. They play together a ton and they have never ever gotten in a disagreement or argument.
MacKay's parens invited Micaela to go to see Wall-E with MacKay and them. They said they felt like they were chaperoning them on a date. They went into the theater holding hands and left holding hands. MacKay's father said maybe he should go ahead and invest in some type of 529 savings plan and start saving now for their future wedding. That kind of talk scares Matt, as well as any talk from Lauren and friends that they've seen them kissing before.

I realize it's just a childhood thing. It's kind of cute (or should I be worried?) When Lauren or friends tease them about being in love or start the "MacKay and Micaela sitting in a tree" chant, Micaela just says, "I know....I love MacKay!" And she says it in kind of a dreamy voice. Okay, should I be scared?

My Baby No Longer Sleeps in a Crib!!

So we finally broke down and decided to get little man a twin bed. We found an Ashley line that matched his dresser and rocking chair and looked good with his room. He was so excited to go shopping for sheets and a comforter. We need to get the old fashion baseball quilt to go on it. When his room is all finished I'll add a pic on how it turned out.

He was so excited when the bed was delivered and being assembled in his room. He kept yelling his sisters names to have them come and admire.

They actually were also excited.

These pics were taken his first night when he was being put to bed. Of course, the girls wanted in on the pics too.

We were worried he'd take advantage of his freedom of not being caged in his crib, but third night in bed, and he still has not gotten out of bed. At least not on purpose. The first night everytime we checked on him he was in a fetal position on the floor shivering. He didn't seem to mind so we wondered why we were so concerned about getting him a bed. We could have saved the money and bought him a sleeping bag:)

I felt bad he kept falling out so I went and got two bedrails for him. I was a little reluctant for him to move out of his crib. It's a reminder that he's no longer a baby! .

Little Man at the Parade

We have been quite the parade going family this summer (much to Matt's demise). We've been to the Lindon parade that the girls danced in.....the Lehi Parade, the Provo Freedom Festival Parade, and the AF Steel Days Parade. This Saturday will probably be our last, because we need to support our city and go the the Highland parade.

These pics of AJ are too cute. AJ was being a little gentleman and took off his hat and showed his patriotism as the United States flags passed by during the parade.
And AJ was getting quite the attention from the ladies during the parade. Every time royalty passed he'd start blowing them kisses. They were all gushing over him and he was getting lots of flirts and special attention from the pretty girls. Too cute! I know next year he'll be too old to do this so I thought I better get it on camera.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Okay---So today, I was sustained for a new calling in our ward. I was called into the Bishop's office, as is customary to getting a new calling, about two weeks ago. I thought he called me to be a Visiting Teaching Supervisor, which only requires making phone calls once a month to make sure a small group of women did their visiting teaching for the month. We discussed at the time I was in his office whether I should be released from my other two callings (ward newsletter editor, and 12 year old Primary Teacher). I told him Supervisor is a cinch, and I felt I could manage all 3 assignments fine, and was happy to serve however I was needed.
Well, I was never sustained, because the Bishop said he needed to talk to the person that I was replacing before doing so in Sacrament Meeting. Since my conversation with the bishop two weeks ago, I'd pretty much forgotten about the new calling, because I didn't think it required much and wasn't too concerned about it.
So today in Sacrament Meeting the Visiting Teaching COORDINATOR for our ward was released, and myself was sustained as the new VISITING TEACHING COORDINATOR. While I was standing in front of the congregation, my mind was thinking "Is this for real.....or did the Bishop make a mistake?" So after the meeting I talked to a member of the RS presidency and she said, "Oh no, honey, you're in charge of the whole're over all of VT for the ward." So now I have 3 callings....including a new one I know nothing about. To make it even better.....Matt serves in YM's, so while he was at Ward Council today, they were discussing Enrichment Nights coming up. The same RS presidency member apparently mentioned in the meeting that we are not having an Enrichment Night for July, and August's is all about visiting teaching, which will be a good thing because then Shirlene can lay out her whole program to all of the sisters. Holy cow! What's my program!??!?!? I'm wondering if August Enrichment is our Visiting Teaching Conference. I guess I need to make some phone calls before I panic and freak out!
I'm actually excited about my calling. It's always good to be stretched and learn new things from different opportunities through serving. And luckily, I have a husband who has taught me you never turn down an assignment and calling. So my answer to the Bishop of accepting a new call would not have been different......except I may have been more willing to let him release me from my other callings since that's what he was wanting to do.
So if any of you have any input, or have had this calling some info for me. I need to feel some sisterly support!

A Father Who Taught Me to Work

I grew up in a home with a father that we called the Energizer Bunny. He never slowed down. His favorite hobby was doing projects around the house and yard. We always had a beautiful, well manicured yard. He was always in the yard in the nice weather months. We'd hear him outside our windows at 3 or 4 a.m. It seemed like he never required much sleep, and I suppose he'd get up this early so he could get his yardwork done, and then get into the office. But I appreciate the fact that he taught me how to work! I remember having certain areas of the yard to weed, and mow the grass. He'd also give me other various projects such as painting the fence, or cleaning out an area. I may have complained at the time, I don't know. But it's such a good feeling to be able to look back and admire what you've created, and what you've accomplished by all of your hardwork.

The other morning I was thinking of this as I was watering my newly planted flowers, and the flowers on my porch. Proud of myself and what our front yard looks like. It's taken some work and some time for the plants to grow, but it's looking beautiful this year.

(Now, as far as our back yard, that's another story. Lets just say, if morning glory wasn't a weed, our backyard would be the garden of eden. Any ideas on how to get rid of it. We weed, and the planters are completely filled again in two weeks!)

I'm glad for my Dad, and his example of hardwork. Even though I'm a girl, I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty, and I actually enjoy yardwork. I'm glad for a father who taught me how to work, and take pride in your accomplishments. Thanks for letting me show off my yard.

It Must Be A Boy Thing!

So today we did our usual morning, summer routine. I got the children breakfast, and then started cleaning up the kitchen and main floor of our house. I was busy doing my thing, and then the next thing I know, Anthon had climbed onto the island and was drinking milk right from the milk jug. I couldn't believe him, little turkey! I guess he must have really wanted a drink and felt like I was too busy to ask, or was curious just to see what it was like to drink from the big bottle. Luckily I had another thing of milk, so we didn't have to use the rest of this one. I must say, I don't believe my girls have ever tried to drink right from the milk bottle. It must be a boy thing, I don't know! All I know, is it seems like he is always starving! He usually eats two beakfasts. He eats one when he firsts wakes up, and is ready for more around 10 a.m. I'm glad I only have one boy.......I can't imagine what my Mothers food bill must have been rasing four growing boys!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself!

Today I took the kids and two friends to a park in Pleasant Grove. This is a really fun 'discovery' park with all kinds of places for the kids to explore. We all brought sack lunches. There's a nice place for picnics, kind of hidden by trees with several picnic tables. I had my eye on one particular picnic table because it was mostly in the shade. Since it was a great table, of course it was taken. Also in the area were several picnicking groups, including a young couple who were being affectionate on a park bench. I got comfortable on a different park bench, keeping one eye on the coveted table, and another eye on the children.

Suddenly the family vacated the table that I was wanting. I quickly went over to save it for us for when the kids were ready to eat.

Before leaving for the park I had asked Lauren to choose a blanket from our hall linen closet to take with us. She chose Matt's BYU football blanket that had been nicely folded on the shelf, recently washed and clean.

So to lay claim to the picnic table I took the folded blanket, holding one side of it, and fanned it up towards the sky in order to lay it out over the table. As the blanket billowed upward, I noticed something white on the underneath side. It was barely clinging on due to static electricity. I figured it was a dryer sheet so I shook the blanket one more time and then the white article broke free. Then, while in mid-air I realized it was a very intimate piece of clothing. Then, as if in slow motion, gently floating to the ground was a PAIR OF MY GARMENT bottoms. Right there, on the park ground, in the middle of all the picnicking families..............they just plopped down for the world to see (at least it felt like for the whole world to see). I'm not sure if anyone really noticed what they were, but nonetheless I was a little embarrassed, and quickly bawled them up and walked to the car.

When I gathered the kids for lunch I told about what happened. We got a good laugh. Micaela thought it was sick that'd I'd bring underwear to our picnic (I assured her they were clean and unintentional), and Lauren said, "Oh no....I must have chosen the wrong blanket!"

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy 14th

We've come a long way, baby!

Yesterday Matt and I celebrated our 14 year wedding anniversary. It’s hard to believe we’ve been married so long. Sometimes I forget how many years we’ve been married and have to stop and do the math (I used to make fun of my parents when they’d do this!) Don’t you love these pictures from ‘back in the day’? Matt believes he looks exactly the same as these pics, that he hasn’t aged a day! HA! Me, too, then. And what was up with us brides from the early 90’s. How come we thought it was acceptable to do our hair the same way we did it every other day of our lives. I did pull the sides up, which I guess I didn’t regularly do…………but how come it didn’t occur to me to go to the salon and have someone actually fix my hair!
I remember Matt and I only had one car when we first got married, and no washer and dryer. I remember going a whole year with virtually buying no new clothes or jewelry. Luckily our poverty didn’t last too long. A year after living in an apartment, Matt’s pay dramatically increased and we began construction on our first home. We lived there until we sold it to build this house.
We’ve been blessed greatly the last 14 years. We’ve gained a lot more than just 40 pounds (that would be each!), some gray hair, and 3 children.
We’ve gained a lot of maturity, that’s for sure. A much deeper faith and deeper commitment to our religion. We’ve learned that through trials and difficult times we can rely on each other and that these times actually have made us stronger people. We’ve become more humble and realize our total dependence on a higher being. We have a much deeper respect and admiration for our parents. We’ve learned to love both sides of our families.
So who woulda thunk it….that Matt and I would actually grow up to be responsible adults one day(at least most of the time).So here’s to 14 more years……and many many more after that!
Oh, yeah! Matt's memory of our wedding day was me showing up about 15 minutes before our sealing time (so long after the guests had arrived. The bride is suppose to be there about an hour and 1/2 early), and his friends giving him a hard time and making him paranoid that I'd changed my mind!
My memory. Getting up at 3:30 a.m. because our sealing time was at 7:00 a.m. (not my idea, by the way). And my Dad not being in any type of hurry at all! (For the record I was ready on time!!!) I don't think my Dad was any too anxious for his little girl to get married! And the best part was being sealed so early that we had the whole celestial room to ourselves before we were escorted into the sealing room where our guests were waiting. It was like a little glimpse of eternity!