Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Baby No Longer Sleeps in a Crib!!

So we finally broke down and decided to get little man a twin bed. We found an Ashley line that matched his dresser and rocking chair and looked good with his room. He was so excited to go shopping for sheets and a comforter. We need to get the old fashion baseball quilt to go on it. When his room is all finished I'll add a pic on how it turned out.

He was so excited when the bed was delivered and being assembled in his room. He kept yelling his sisters names to have them come and admire.

They actually were also excited.

These pics were taken his first night when he was being put to bed. Of course, the girls wanted in on the pics too.

We were worried he'd take advantage of his freedom of not being caged in his crib, but third night in bed, and he still has not gotten out of bed. At least not on purpose. The first night everytime we checked on him he was in a fetal position on the floor shivering. He didn't seem to mind so we wondered why we were so concerned about getting him a bed. We could have saved the money and bought him a sleeping bag:)

I felt bad he kept falling out so I went and got two bedrails for him. I was a little reluctant for him to move out of his crib. It's a reminder that he's no longer a baby! .

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