Saturday, July 26, 2008

Little Man at the Parade

We have been quite the parade going family this summer (much to Matt's demise). We've been to the Lindon parade that the girls danced in.....the Lehi Parade, the Provo Freedom Festival Parade, and the AF Steel Days Parade. This Saturday will probably be our last, because we need to support our city and go the the Highland parade.

These pics of AJ are too cute. AJ was being a little gentleman and took off his hat and showed his patriotism as the United States flags passed by during the parade.
And AJ was getting quite the attention from the ladies during the parade. Every time royalty passed he'd start blowing them kisses. They were all gushing over him and he was getting lots of flirts and special attention from the pretty girls. Too cute! I know next year he'll be too old to do this so I thought I better get it on camera.

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