Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself!

Today I took the kids and two friends to a park in Pleasant Grove. This is a really fun 'discovery' park with all kinds of places for the kids to explore. We all brought sack lunches. There's a nice place for picnics, kind of hidden by trees with several picnic tables. I had my eye on one particular picnic table because it was mostly in the shade. Since it was a great table, of course it was taken. Also in the area were several picnicking groups, including a young couple who were being affectionate on a park bench. I got comfortable on a different park bench, keeping one eye on the coveted table, and another eye on the children.

Suddenly the family vacated the table that I was wanting. I quickly went over to save it for us for when the kids were ready to eat.

Before leaving for the park I had asked Lauren to choose a blanket from our hall linen closet to take with us. She chose Matt's BYU football blanket that had been nicely folded on the shelf, recently washed and clean.

So to lay claim to the picnic table I took the folded blanket, holding one side of it, and fanned it up towards the sky in order to lay it out over the table. As the blanket billowed upward, I noticed something white on the underneath side. It was barely clinging on due to static electricity. I figured it was a dryer sheet so I shook the blanket one more time and then the white article broke free. Then, while in mid-air I realized it was a very intimate piece of clothing. Then, as if in slow motion, gently floating to the ground was a PAIR OF MY GARMENT bottoms. Right there, on the park ground, in the middle of all the picnicking families..............they just plopped down for the world to see (at least it felt like for the whole world to see). I'm not sure if anyone really noticed what they were, but nonetheless I was a little embarrassed, and quickly bawled them up and walked to the car.

When I gathered the kids for lunch I told about what happened. We got a good laugh. Micaela thought it was sick that'd I'd bring underwear to our picnic (I assured her they were clean and unintentional), and Lauren said, "Oh no....I must have chosen the wrong blanket!"


The Westcott's said...

I love it! I have tons of moments like that!

Jason, Brandi, Hunter & Halle said...

You have been hanging out with me to long. That kind of stuff happens to be all the time. You really do just have to laugh or you would spend the entire day crying!