Sunday, July 13, 2008

It Must Be A Boy Thing!

So today we did our usual morning, summer routine. I got the children breakfast, and then started cleaning up the kitchen and main floor of our house. I was busy doing my thing, and then the next thing I know, Anthon had climbed onto the island and was drinking milk right from the milk jug. I couldn't believe him, little turkey! I guess he must have really wanted a drink and felt like I was too busy to ask, or was curious just to see what it was like to drink from the big bottle. Luckily I had another thing of milk, so we didn't have to use the rest of this one. I must say, I don't believe my girls have ever tried to drink right from the milk bottle. It must be a boy thing, I don't know! All I know, is it seems like he is always starving! He usually eats two beakfasts. He eats one when he firsts wakes up, and is ready for more around 10 a.m. I'm glad I only have one boy.......I can't imagine what my Mothers food bill must have been rasing four growing boys!


Andrea said...

I think it is a boy thing. Although Jared has never done that with the milk....or at least been caught doing it...the kid is constantly eating!!!!

I swear he has a tapeworm.

There are times of the day that I just tell him that the kitchen is closed because I am so tired of getting him food.

We are certain that when he hits his teens we will have to stock one fridge for just him, and have another for the rest of the family. Maybe it's a good thing we are getting a Walmart within walking distance...I'll be there daily restocking the pantry!

Cute new look with your blog too!:)

Farrell and Marilyn Barlow said...

these pics look just like Matt. Brings back memories. Boys are boys and nothing ever changes.