Saturday, July 26, 2008

MacKay and Micaela Sitting in a Tree.......

K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Okay, they weren't sitting in a tree, but they have been caught kissing before. Anyone have any advice? This boy is actually so dang cute! He and Micaela love each other too death. They met at a neighborhood pre-school and really hit it off. He lives just down the street from us but he's a grade ahead of her and a Primary group ahead as well. He is like the male version of Micaela. They play together a ton and they have never ever gotten in a disagreement or argument.
MacKay's parens invited Micaela to go to see Wall-E with MacKay and them. They said they felt like they were chaperoning them on a date. They went into the theater holding hands and left holding hands. MacKay's father said maybe he should go ahead and invest in some type of 529 savings plan and start saving now for their future wedding. That kind of talk scares Matt, as well as any talk from Lauren and friends that they've seen them kissing before.

I realize it's just a childhood thing. It's kind of cute (or should I be worried?) When Lauren or friends tease them about being in love or start the "MacKay and Micaela sitting in a tree" chant, Micaela just says, "I know....I love MacKay!" And she says it in kind of a dreamy voice. Okay, should I be scared?


Jason, Brandi, Hunter & Halle said...

Please invite us to the wedding. Be happy he is a cute boy!

Angela said...

He's cute!