Sunday, July 13, 2008


Okay---So today, I was sustained for a new calling in our ward. I was called into the Bishop's office, as is customary to getting a new calling, about two weeks ago. I thought he called me to be a Visiting Teaching Supervisor, which only requires making phone calls once a month to make sure a small group of women did their visiting teaching for the month. We discussed at the time I was in his office whether I should be released from my other two callings (ward newsletter editor, and 12 year old Primary Teacher). I told him Supervisor is a cinch, and I felt I could manage all 3 assignments fine, and was happy to serve however I was needed.
Well, I was never sustained, because the Bishop said he needed to talk to the person that I was replacing before doing so in Sacrament Meeting. Since my conversation with the bishop two weeks ago, I'd pretty much forgotten about the new calling, because I didn't think it required much and wasn't too concerned about it.
So today in Sacrament Meeting the Visiting Teaching COORDINATOR for our ward was released, and myself was sustained as the new VISITING TEACHING COORDINATOR. While I was standing in front of the congregation, my mind was thinking "Is this for real.....or did the Bishop make a mistake?" So after the meeting I talked to a member of the RS presidency and she said, "Oh no, honey, you're in charge of the whole're over all of VT for the ward." So now I have 3 callings....including a new one I know nothing about. To make it even better.....Matt serves in YM's, so while he was at Ward Council today, they were discussing Enrichment Nights coming up. The same RS presidency member apparently mentioned in the meeting that we are not having an Enrichment Night for July, and August's is all about visiting teaching, which will be a good thing because then Shirlene can lay out her whole program to all of the sisters. Holy cow! What's my program!??!?!? I'm wondering if August Enrichment is our Visiting Teaching Conference. I guess I need to make some phone calls before I panic and freak out!
I'm actually excited about my calling. It's always good to be stretched and learn new things from different opportunities through serving. And luckily, I have a husband who has taught me you never turn down an assignment and calling. So my answer to the Bishop of accepting a new call would not have been different......except I may have been more willing to let him release me from my other callings since that's what he was wanting to do.
So if any of you have any input, or have had this calling some info for me. I need to feel some sisterly support!


Lisa R.D. said...

I've never had that calling... but I know you'll be great at it! I would be feeling a little panicked and intimidated too, but you'll do such a wonderful job. The great thing about callings is that "whom the Lord calls, He qualifies." I have experienced that so many times with various callings, I know you will too. The great thing about church stuff--you don't have to come up with your own program, because it's already done. Teach the sisters in your ward that it's about love and not statistics and you'll be good to go :).

Farrell and Marilyn Barlow said...

You are the ultimate organizer so have no fear.
A great opportunity but 3 jobs is asking alot. Surely someone else needs one of those blessings.
Either way, no doubt you will handle it just fine.
Love you