Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Click on this link to see this fun and cute candy/dessert tables. Ya know I have a major sweet tooth, and I love to be creative, so these look so fun to me! (Thanks to my cuz Hilarie, who had this on her blog). I can't wait for an occasion to do this at--and put my own personal spin on it. Maybe Christmas, or for sure I'm thinking my daughters baptism that'll be coming up soon! (Thanks Hilarie! I love your blog!!!) Here's the candy table link. http://amyatlas.com/index.php/main/portfolio/


Lisa R.D. said...

I love candy bars too! I've done several for baby showers and they are always a big hit. Girls candies are fun (pinks, whites, browns) and boy candies are fun too (blues, greens, yellows, whites). I think doing something with orange would be fun too... I can't wait to see what you come up with!!!

Hilarie said...

Your blog looks so great! I love your cute backgrounds.

And don't you love those tables! I loved the Halloween one! :)