Sunday, August 3, 2008

Uncle Nate's Garden Party

Matt's parents are currently serving a mission for the Church in the Congo of Africa. It's been a pretty interesting experience to read their blogs and hear their stories and experiences they've had there. I'm sure we'll have a greater understanding of all the service they rendered once they get back. They are serving a Welfare mission and are "Country Directors'. From what I understand some of the projects they have oversaw was clean water (most people have to walk miles several times a day in order to get water...and then it's not even clean), wheel chairs for disabled individuals (see the video at the end of this post if you want to be touched and get a good cry for the day). They've also done clean beds for hospitals, and lots of different hospital training, including eye surgery for cataract, and newborn resuscitation. They are due home the end of September, and we're praying there is someone to replace them so they can come home. (Strangely it's one of the most expensive missions for couples.)

Matt's brother Nate who is a swingin' bachelor has been living in their house while they've been gone. He's done a great job taking care of their place but we decided we'd all get together for a "garden party" and try to spruce up the yard and do some cleaning up in preparation of their return. All the grand kids, children and spouses came to help. The younger kids played in water, while the rest of us worked, then we had lunch together.

Matt, I, nor the kids have been in their home since they left. My children were a little confused and couldn't find where the bathroom was when they needed to use it. They vaguely remembered it was Grandma and Grandpa's house, but couldn't quite remember the layout. They had a 'playroom' upstairs in one of the extra bedrooms before they left. While we were there on Saturday Micaela wanted to go and see the playroom. I told her to go upstairs by herself because I didn't want to be wandering around "Nate's" house. So she ran upstairs to see the playroom and I waited at the bottom of the stairs. After a minute she came running to the top of the stairs to report in an alarmed voice, "Mom! I can't believe it...someone changed the playroom into a bathroom!" Don't be scared Marilyn' and Farrell, Nate has not done any remodeling to your home.....Micaela just felt a little lost in your house. I'm sure once your back home and after a couple of visits she'll feel right at home again. We can't wait for you to get home!!!

(Matt his brother Ben...our boy Anthon and Ben's new baby Mari.......taking a break)

(Lauren and her cousin Eve)

Some of the gang...

oldest granddaughter, Jennie

Grandparent's Wheelchair Project in Africa
(This is a project that they were intimately involved in. This footage was taken by my mother in law.)

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Lisa R.D. said...

Wow! This was an amazing video--what wonderful work they are doing there! I am sure you will be happy to have them home--but I know they will be dearly missed by the friends they have made there!