Sunday, August 3, 2008

Can you believe it---I went Camping!!

Anyone who knows me well enough knows I hate camping. If I'm not going to sleep in my own bed, then it better be at a Marriott..... or nicer.

But this last Thursday my father called me and said he'd reserved a campground in American Fork canyon at the base of Mnt. Timpanogas and requested that our family come and stay with him, my two single brothers, and he talked my mother into it. (Matt didn't go because of work)

I must admit I was hesitant at first. But I thought, what the heck, and my children really wanted to we did. I did not sleep at all. But it was so relaxing and I was truly amazed at the majestic beauty of the mountains. I don't know how you can be in nature and not feel a connection to a greater and higher being. The scenery really was breathtaking. And despite lack of sleep and whiny kids the next day, I was really glad that we went.

It was fun to have dinner around the campfire and make s'mores. To stay up late talking. And to take a hike the next day. Anthon really enjoyed getting dirty....not something I usually let him do (I can't stand dirty kids. My children get a bath every day of their lives). And Micaela hates tennis shoes, so she opted to wear 'ballet flats' , and thought they'd work as her ballerina shoes so that she could dance in the mountains. She found a flat spot which was an area for a tent and it became her stage and she danced for us all night.

My children had so much fun with their Uncle Steve and Uncle Chris. They adore their uncles on both sides. (I so appreciate the time that their uncles take to spend with them and play with them and love them and be apart of their lives. If you ask AJ who loves him, with hesitation he'll say, "Uncle Ben!" I'm glad they get to see their uncles often so that they know them so well.) While on our little hike, as the kids got tired Steve hoisted AJ on his shoulders, and next Chris followed by carrying Micaela down the mountain.
I'm not sure I'll go camping anytime soon. But I am grateful for the opportunity of spending time with my family....and making memories with them.


Farrell and Marilyn Barlow said...

No, I can't believe it. Now the cabin has to be better thatn all out camping,don't you agree?

The Westcott's said...

Camping is fun!I use to not like it at all until we got a trailer. Bryce loves it so the only way to get me out was getting one.

Angela said...

Well Shirlene this is just one more thing we have in common. I'm pretty sure everyone in the family has heard all about why I don't camp. Maybe I'll elighten you at fight night some time. Good for you being such a trooper. Too bad Matt missed it- it may be a long time before he gets that again. Although, I saw no photos of you so.....were you really there?

Shirlene said...

After I wrote the post and started adding pictures I did realize that there's no evidence that I was actually there!! That's what happens when you're a're never in the pictures. I don't mind not being in them though, it's kinda scary for me to see pictures of myself these days!

1boy4girls said...

Hey Shirlene. Just wanted to stop by and say "hi". I found your blog through the card you sent my mom. Thanks for letting us know. It will be fun checking up with you. My blog is "". Hope you can visit me too!

Your (younger) cuz,