Sunday, August 31, 2008

School Pride or Brainwashing??

Hanging with Uncles John and Nate
Flexing his muscles for the camera
trying to roar like a cougar

So my husband is a huge sports junkie....especially when it comes to college football. My husband is a true-blue BYU fan. He's watched every game since he was little, and most of them more than once (because he records them or watches them when they show old games on BYU TV). It's not really something I completely understand. But our children know the words to the Cougar fight song from about the time they first start to talk. My husband hates the color red (rivalry color---U of U) and absolutely owns NOTHING even remotely red...not even a stripe of red in it. He's trained our children red is bad, too. Once at Halloween they had dumped all of their candy on the floor to admire it and compare their stash, and Lauren said, yuck, I don't want a RED sucker, it's a Utes color so it's bad, and she threw it aside. (are you starting to feel like I, they're BRAINWASHED?)

Matt took our son to his first BYU home game yesterday. It was a proud day for Daddy. They left two hours early so they could see the team warm up. My boy was at the stadium from 2:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. Matt said our boy would stand up and sing every word of the fight song when they scored. The ladies sitting behind them were amazed that he'd know it at such a young age. Matt said "Yeah, you have to train your kids right. We sing the cougar fight song every night at bed time (a true story)............the ladies said, "Oh, that's too cute". Then Matt said, "Yeah, and we read the media guide every night as his bedtime story." The ladies said...."Okay, that's weird............... and probably taking it a little too far."

I'll have to vote for BRAINWASHED!


Brynn said...

That's HILARIOUS, I think I'm going with you on this one, brainwashed! BUT... my kids are the same way with the Lakers, so I guess it's all good! LOL & yes, we did seriously consider naming one of the boys Laker, seriously, for real!

Farrell and Marilyn Barlow said...

Ah how I wish AJ would inherit just his dad's good qualities and not all the hype. I need to tell more Matt stories so he will remember the reality of his kid world.

Angela said...

BRAINWASHED!!! I'm going to have my work cut out for me with our kids because of John. I'm a huge Ute fan - unfortunately for some reason kids usually listen to their dads about sports. But then again, kids don't usually have moms like me :) who spend every Saturday watching Football with her school shirt on yelling and screaming if necessary. Shirlene, you're a Ute. You've gotta try!!

Emma said...

Go cougars