Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Thoughtful Girl!

(MY POSTS ARE OUT OF ORDER.....I meant for this post to be after the hiking post. I'm still figuring this whole blog thing out! So if you read this post after the "A Hike, Some Laughs, and a Couple of Donuts, it makes a little more sense)
Micaela really wanted to go on the hike with Lauren and I on Saturday morning. Having taken her with me on my 2 1/2 mile exercise route (and she's on her bike) I knew she would not be able to make it, and I knew I couldn't carry her up the mountain. So she stayed home to have a Wii competition with Daddy, though she would have preferred to come.

When I returned home I realized Micaela had been doing small acts of kindness around our house....including making our bed. We left so early Matt was still in bed, so it didn't get made before I left. I am really particular about how my bed is made, and which pillows go where. Every time I passed my bed on Saturday I thought of my sweet, darling, thoughtful girl. She is such a treasure in our home, and such a peacemaker. Quite often when there's a dispute, or conflict, she'll be the one to give up something, just so there can be peace. And she has quite a strong personality, so it's not that she's a pushover. She's just a very thoughtful, kind, girl. Though my bed had lumps, and some pillow tags sticking up, every time I walked by my bed it was a reminder that my daughter loved me, and this was her way of serving me and that she had thought about me while I was gone half the day. And I think she did a great job making that enormous california king bed all by her five-year old self!!!! I just had to take a picture of it!

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Brynn said...

Oh Shirlene, she did a GREAT job!

What a sweet girl you have there, & pretty darn cute too. Hopefully she had lots of fun with Daddy & beat him in at least a game or 2!