Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Children's Greatest Heroes

We had a wonderful opportunity this last week to have the local LDS missionaries in our home for dinner. From what I understand, this is a rare opportunity in Utah. Their area includes so many different Stakes and wards, that each ward only gets to feed them twice a year. This was our first time.

We also had two of Matt's 16 year old Priests from his youth group over as well.

My children were eagerly awaiting their arrival and looking out of our glass sidelights to our front door until they could get a glimpse of them. When I saw the missionaries they looked so young to me. I'm sure that's not because I've gotten old and have 17 years on them. But in reality, they are young...19 or 20 years old.

Despite them being young in age they were so mannerly, polite, and carried with them such a great spirit. When they prayed you really felt that they were connecting to our Heavenly Father and communicating with Him. And they asked if they could leave us with a thought. The Elder from South American gave the thought, and talked about Faith. The spirit was so strong. You could tell that they really believed in what they were speaking, and what they were doing with their lives in serving a mission and teaching others to come unto Christ. I was very impressed with them.

While they were finishing dinner, my girls and Anthon drew them pictures, and then asked to have their pictures taken with if they were celebrities. But this is because the missionaries are heroes in our mind.

While we were taking the pictures the two 16 year olds from our neighborhood said...."It's like the missionaries are characters from Disneyland or something and you stopped to take pictures with them!" We admire the missionaries service and dedication in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm glad that my children admire and look up to the missionaries.....they possess so many more quality attributes than any celebrity probably ever could.

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