Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I wish I was better at writing down all the cute and funny things that my children say. I always have good intentions. There's been a couple things I've heard lately that I thought I'd share.
It seems that with the start of a new school year that I've been using a marker to write names on everything that my kids take to school. Backpacks, lunch boxes, pencil boxes, etc. I guess Anthon has taken notice to this. This morning we had him use our bathroom toilet before going to church. He opened the lid to the toilet and got all excited and started screaming, "Look, it says my name! Its says Anthon right here. Mommy wrote my name on the toilet!" I didn't want to spoil it for him and tell him it really said, "American Standard".
Micaela has become familiar with garage sales. Not because she's ever really been to one, but as we have driven by them she has asked why everything from inside a house is out on the grass. So I explained to her that a garage sale is a bunch of different things that people no longer want and then they put them outside and see if anybody wants to pay money for them. The other night we were going for a walk in our neighborhood. There's a house that back ups to a park. They have all kinds of various plastic toys, play structures, etc. that are all mismatched and there yard looks rather cluttered. As we walked on the trail behind their backyard Micaela said,"Look, Mom, they're having a garage sale at their house today."
Today in church the family who was sitting behind us has very cute and rather loud children. The one little girl was lying down on her fathers lap. Then she said really loud....." come there's hair in your nose??!!"
You gotta love the honesty of children.

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Brynn said...

OMGosh, how funny!