Friday, June 27, 2008

Two Men Fighting Over Me

This morning my two favorite men woke up before me and were in our bathroom together when I got out of bed. Anthon was hanging out on our tub step while Matt was getting ready for work. When I walked in the bathroom to brush my teeth, Anthon said, "Mom, I love my girl!" Matt said, "NO, she's my girl!" AJ yelled, "NO she my girl!" This went on and on. It made me feel so loved and special:)

AJ is my little man. I really have enjoyed having a son! He actually is always telling me that I'm his girl. And out of the blue he's constantly telling me that he loves me.....and that I'm "beautyful" ( as he pronounces it). He's getting so big in so many ways, and yet he's still my baby is lots of ways. He'll say, "Mom, hold you, hold you" which means he wants me to hold him. He's getting his grammar more correct, and the girls and Matt tell him to say it properly, it's "hold me", but I'll be sad the day that he's always saying it correctly.

Matt announced the other day that we're going to buy him a twin bed this weekend (he's still in a crib. He'll be three in September). It made me really sad, actually. I'm always asking Anthon if he'll stay little forever. Usually he'll say, "No... see... I'm getting bigger?!" The other day I must have sounded desperate because when I aked if he'd stay little he sighed and said, "Okay....fine!"

But it's been just AJ and I alot this summer. It seems the girls are off doing something with friends so AJ does and goes everywhere with me. When I shop he becomes my fashion consultant (the other day I was trying on sunglasses in Target. It's kind of sad I relied on a two year olds opinion to help me decide on what to get. I got the ones that made me look "rock and roll"), he's my little baking assistant, and my favorite LITTLE man!

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Angela said...

Well, we all know I don't have kids so can't relate to anything. But my mom always says you think each phase is the best until you get to the next one and then that one's even better.