Friday, June 27, 2008

Swimming Pool Nightmare!

A prior post talked all about how much I love summer and mentioned swimming as one of my favorite activities. Well, after an experience at a public swimming pool yesterday, I think we've all been scarred for life, and may never go to a public swimming pool again!
As soon as we got there we all jumped into the lazy river, which is particularly my favorite (have I ever mentioned I'm figuring out a way to put one of those around the perimeter of our yard:) After a couple times around the circle I started thinking, 'Wow, this place is extremely crowded today'. So next we went to the kiddie pool. Again, "Wow, this place is busy today!" So we jumped out to go get in the main pool. Then we realized it was completely vacated and the lifeguards were not allowing anyone into the pool. I figured they were just doing a pool check, but when a half an hour had passed I thought maybe I should ask what was up, but was afraid what the lifeguard might say. My worst suspicion was validated...."Someone pooped in the pool!" Yikes!! The main pool would be closed until 5 pm until the Health Department could come out and check the water. We jumped back into the lazy river, though my anxiety level was too high to really enjoy myself. But I didn't want to be a party pooper (excuse the pun) since we had just gotten there. So we went around the lazy river a few more times when my friend announces that she just saw a mom carrying a baby who had diarrhea that was oozing out of the swimming diaper and was dripping right into the water of the lazy river.
At this point we decided the party was over. We gathered our things and went to the admissions desk to see if we could get reimbursed since the main pool was closed and we'd only been there about 45 minutes. They were kind enough to reimburse us, and while I was standing at the window my friend said, "Be careful, there's throw up behind you....don't step in it!" I couldn't believe my ears. Poop, and now throw-up, are you kidding me!! As I peddled backwards and tried to catch my balance, I realized a kid had just thrown up about a foot behind me. I'm sure I got the over spray. Again, I was glad I didn't have to witness it like my friend did. I'm sure after that and the runny poop, her eyes are scarred for life! So we took our refunds, stepped over the throw up and went home. I lysoled the bottom of our shoes, washed our swimming suits on the 'sanitize' cycle, and we immediately all took hot showers.
Later that night I mentioned to the girls we could go swimming at the public pool again (because I assumed they were disappointed that we left so soon). Lauren yelled, "I never want to go to that place again in my whole entire life!" That's my girl!!!
So the moral of the story.......put plastic swimming cover-ups over your child's swim diaper (a new Utah health department rule). I'll be purchasing AJ one as soon as I figure out who sales them. And don't go to public swimming pools.
I wonder if the Lever's (Matt's sister) won't mind if we hang out at their poolside the rest of the summer. Or maybe I can talk Matt into putting a RUSH on our own backyard swimming pool project.
p.s. sorry if I completely grossed you out!


Andrea said...

Eeeewwwwww......BLECH!:P I was thinking about taking the kids to the pool tomorrow while Riley was working...I think I have now changed my mind. Just reading about it made me queasy.;) I hope none of you caught anything!

Angela said...

Disgusting! I already have a phobia of public pools. I've really only had to swim at my Grandma's private pool my entire life and I think I've been to a public pool once. Nothing like that ever happened but I definitely don't want to go back because of all the stories like yours. I tell my parents all of the time they need to move into a condo when Grandma is gone so I still have somewhere to swim. Otherwise my kids will only have a mediocre childhood with no place to swim. They smile and laugh but they know I'm serious. Thank goodness you survived.

Christie said...

Anyone who is diarreah free and vomit free is welcome to our pool!

I am about ready to get one of the health dept signs in my backyard that states the rules of illness and babies in plastic swim cover ups!

This is the sign the boys think we should make:
"There is no 'p' in our pool and no 'poo' either."

Lisa R.D. said...

Yuck! We haven't had great experiences at the public pools lately either, but nothing like you got. I vote for a lazy river around your house (Coleman calls it the "Crazy River" which it has been when we've gone to the Rec Center since the big pool was closed).

Jason, Brandi, Hunter & Halle said...

I am Shirlene's friend, everything she said is true. There is no exagertion at all. I have never been so grossed out. After I told my kids to swim with their mouths closed (due to floating poop), I realized that my children's lives were in danger, it was not worth it anymore! Unless I get desperate, we will never go to a public pool again. I think I will put our swimming pool rainchecks on Ebay or If you are interested please give me a call.