Sunday, June 22, 2008

Father's Day

I don't know how you all feel, but summer seems to be flying by!

It's hard to believe Father's Day is already come and gone! We enjoyed the Saturday before Father's Day with my Dad. We had him and my mother over for Saturday brunch and then went and saw the Kung Fu Panda movie. Sunday was a quiet day at home with Matt and the kids. The kids each presented Matt with a gift they created. The girls gave framed artwork. We put a frame together of pics of AJ and Matt at the spring BYU football game. I was pretty darn proud of myself since I"m not really that crafty. It seems extra difficult with children, and then I never like what I make. This gift, however, came together pretty well. It seems that when I'm shopping for craft materials while dragging 3 children through several stores, and after many bribes and meltdowns, I give up and usually wind up improvising because I can't finish my shopping for just the right stuff for the project. This "BYU" gift came together with only one trip to Walmart, and one trip to Roberts.........a cheap picture frame, pictures of AJ and Matt, BYU scrapbook paper, and stickers! Matt loved it and AJ was very proud of his gift.

While wrapping the gifts the girls found this enormous gift bag that was stored with all of our wrapping stuff. They thought it'd be hilarious to have AJ hide in the gift bag as one of Matt's Father's Day presents. He jumped out and said, "Happy Father's Day", in his two year old way that completely melts your heart!

I hope Matt had a wonderful day! He is such a wonderful husband and father. I honestly could not ask for anything better. He treats me with such love and the kids absolutely adore their father. We are lucky to have a man who leads our family and strives to make us better as a family unit!

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