Sunday, June 22, 2008

Parade Fun

Yesterday the girls were in the Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days parade with their Dance Company. They were so excited to be in the parade. Shirlene was excited because this meant she didn't have to come up with her own entry. You see, last year I asked them towards the end of summer if there was anything they hadn't done yet during the summer that we should try to do before school started. Both girls said they wanted to be in a parade. It seemed impossible at first (their dance group didn't do any parades last summer), but my creative juices instantly started flowing and myself and the girls began brainstorming. Then I put our plan into action, called Highland City whose parade wasn't until August, and we made our own entry for the parade. It was called "Fairy tales Really Do Come True", and they were wedding princesses (which was completely their idea). We talked their awesome cousins (Kade and Jaron Lever) into being in it as their princes. We decorated our convertible and I drove them in the parade. We bought huge things of candy at Costco to throw to the crowd and they had a blast! (Not sure it'll ever happen again!) So, thank you to the Pointe Academy, I am very glad that they had reason to be in a parade this year. These are pics of Saturday. And then of last years entry!


Angela said...

John and I just looked at this. We didn't know your girls were in a parade last year with the Levers. That would have been funny to watch. Sounds like a blast-- you're much nicer than me. If I had kids and they wanted to be in a parade the best I could have come up with was to have them put on a parade for me. Yeah for Shirlene the wonder mom!

Lisa R.D. said...

You get lots of "wonder mom" awards... all very well deserved! What a fun thing for your girls--great pictures and wonderful memories!