Saturday, June 14, 2008

Okay, I finally gave in and decided to make a blog!!

I must admit, I do enjoy reading other peoples blogs. That is when I get to time to. Just when I think that all of my children are very involved in some type of activity that will keep them occupied for awhile, I try to quietly sneak into our office for some quiet time by myself. But usually just a few minutes into my personal computer time, it seems that I get discovered. Then the next thing I know all three of my monkey are hanging off me and our one office chair, very interested and curious as to what I am doing. The endless questions and AJ pushing random buttons and reorganizing our desktop usually causes me to quickly end my computer time.
So, you may ask why I am admitting that I 'gave in' to creating a blog. What's the big deal, right? .... Everyone has a blog these days. Well, that has been my issue. You see, I married into a family with 7 siblings, all of them, as well as my mother and father in law, have had a blog. I was interested in doing it, but didn't want to seem like I was just a follower, and doing it because it was the 'family' thing to do. I didn't want it to seem that I was succumbing to any type of family pressure. So I held out for my own time frame. And now seems like as good time. (Also, I started to set one up months ago and got stuck on what I wanted to call my blog spot---so don't expect anything too creative out of me) Also, since I have a bit of a competitive nature, I decided to think of it in terms that I beat Angela in creating a blog. You see, now she is the last and only one that does not have a family blog. I'll let you know how it goes Angie, and tell you if it really is as fulfilling as everyone pretends.:)

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Angela said...

I laughed my head off that you called me out on this. In fact I'm still laughing! That's awesome. Let me know if it's so fulfilling. At least you have your kids adventures to talk about. What would I talk about? Myself? I've got you saved so it looks like I'll now be involved in your business as well. Love ya! Have a wonderful day!