Saturday, November 15, 2008

When We're Helping We're Happy!

Today was Saturday. I woke up more ambitious than usual in hopes of a sparkling, organized, cleaner than normal home. My attitude seemed to rub off on the children, and even Matt. Micaela was the first to ask what she could do to help. Everyone had jobs they were doing, separate from their usual chores.
Lauren and Micaela took kitchen duty, and had fun working together. Next they tackled the baseboards, all the bathroom countertops, the playroom, and dusted hard to reach places.

The men of the house replaced all the lightbulbs and cleaned the fixtures as they went.

Hubby even tackled his own closet. Love the look on his face when this pic was taken. It's his "what the 'H' are you doing' look. Little did he know it'd wind up on my blog:) I really enjoyed our time together as a family cleaning. Unfortunately it doesn't happen enough that we're all together on a Saturday. (It seems that Matt is often gone.) It was nice to all be together and working towards one goal. Making our home beautiful.

It was nice to sit back after it was all done and admire all the sparkling glass, metal, walls, and floors. OOOOOh, there's nothing better than having a clean house. What a great way to spend a Saturday with my little family.....all of us working together. When we're all helping and working together, it really does bring happiness. that I know they're all capable, even the littlest one........I'll have to rethink my children's chore charts. Maybe add a few additional items!

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Emma said...

Thats What our Mom did add chours to our list