Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Try These Turkey Recipes

Micaela came home from Kindergarten today with a whole book of "recipes". This book comprised 28 Thanksgiving "Recipes" that came out of the heads of kids from Micaela's class. Remember, these chidren are 5 and 6 years old. Here's a couple that cracked me up:

Recipe for Turkey
"You get a turkey by killing it. You catch it first.....probably with a blanket. Then you kill it. You cut off it's head, and you take out the bones. You take the feathers off. I don't know if you put anything on it....maybe catchup. You cook it by putting it on the grill."

Another Turkey Recipe
"You shoot one. You cut the head off and the wings. Um......you take the feathers off. You cook it. You don't add anything. You cook it in the oven for 50 seconds. You eat it!!!!"
Aren't these so funny!? Micaela has the cutest, most creative K teacher. (She works so hard. Last night we drove by the school at 7 p.m. and she was still there at work.) Micaela said her teacher "interviewed" each one of them individually, asking them what their favorite thing to eat at Thanksgiving dinner was. Then asked them how to make it. She then recorded what they said word for word and made a book out of it. Each student were given a copy of the book to bring home. It's adorable.
So if you're needing a recipe for turkey dinner.........try one of these, if you dare!
(these pics were taken a few days ago at our house. All of these children are friends/neighbors who are in Micaela's K class. We're in a carpool group. Each mom takes a week to drive. On the Friday of her week to drive, she brings all the kids home with her after school, feeds them lunch, and keeps them for a playgroup. Last week it was at our house. We made kool-aid play dough. They had fun getting messy, and it kept them busy for a whole hour! Kindergarten kids crack me up. They have their own little sense of humor and tell little jokes that they all think are funny, but you don't really quite get. It's like they're in their own little world. Aaaahh, to be a child again! This particular day at their school, it was the day before the big Utah/BYU game, who are huge rival teams. The children were suppose to wear something to school that represented which team they'd be cheering for. Micaela chose to wear a BYU cheerleading outfit. In the top pick she's doing some type of cheer she made up, thus why her hands are in the air. The poor little girl in the Ute sweatshirt got shamed too death. She was outnumbered by all the BYU fans. By the end of playgroup she finally collapsed under peer pressure and said she really cheered for BYU, but her mom made her wear the Ute sweatshirt. Poor little girl. Luckily she has a strong personality, so she still went home happy, even though she was harassed the whole two hours about her shirt.)


Brynn said...

OMGosh, those are hilarious! What a cool idea, I love it! I'll have to pass that on to Dawsey's teacher, that's something I could see her doing.

What a fun thing you are doing with the carpool/playdate thing. You must live in a great neighborhood.

Our schools here do the same thing with "College days" when it's time for the "Civil War" game between the Oregon State Beavers & the University of Oregon Ducks. We love it & my boys totally get into it.

andrea said...

Good thing Matt wasn't home. The poor little girl would've had to sit outside! ;)