Monday, October 27, 2008

Life Can Change in an Instant!

On Friday night I was enjoying a girls night out. Two friends and I took our girls to see High School Musical 3. Little did I know that while we were enjoying the end of the movie, a tragedy was occurring just a few miles down the road on I-15.

Shortly after arriving home, I heard on the news that there had been a "fatal" car accident involving a Honda and a Semi. The news detailed the back-up on I-15 and the freeway being shutdown so that life-flight could take a victim to the hospital. Little did we realize that we would soon find out that we knew the two girls in the Honda.

The next morning my husband received a phone call from our bishop that gave details of the accident. It was such a shock as reality of this tragic accident from the night before that we heard on the news suddenly hit close to home. In fact, very close to our 'home'. The victims were two teenage sisters ..... our neighbors. Unfortunately the younger of the two sisters was killed on impact (the cute little blonde wearing red in the above pic). The other sister was flown to U of U. She is doing alright, and considering the accident, it's a miracle that she only has minor injuries.

This family is an awesome, fun, neat, family. The ones whose home is always the gathering place for fun summer/neighborhood parties. The neighbors who are always so kind, fun, and very thoughtful. Our family has been the recipient of many of their acts of kindness. I remember a couple of years ago that on a Sunday morning AJ burned his hand badly. Later that afternoon one of the girls was thoughtful enough to make cookies for us and deliver them. Both sisters are very kind. They have so many friends in this ward. Not only the youth of this ward, but also adults, and young children. My girls really look up to these two girls. They loved seeing them wear their formal dresses to church the day after a formal dance at their school. My girls would always comment how pretty they looked, and noticed that they were modest. They're both girls that you are happy for your young children to look up to and exemplify.

As we worshiped at church yesterday, I think everybody just felt numb. We all love this family. We can't imagine what they are going through. My cute Lauren said, "Mom, L must have been so special and Heavenly Father must have missed her so much, that he needed her to go home to heaven."

I know our Bishop told all of us to go home and hug our children. And hug them often. You never know what life will bring. It's important to cherish each moment with our loved ones.
(We love you....'S' family!)


Brynn said...

Oh Shirlene, I'm so sorry! We too have been dealing with death this week, UGH, I hate these "lessons" we need to learn about.

Prayers going up for this family, & yours also.

Lisa R.D. said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this... we also heard that there had been a fatal accident, but this connection makes it all the sadder. I can't imagine the grief their family must be dealing with. I hope they are blessed and comforted, and you also.

grams said said...

So sorry for your family and neighbors. The loss of the dear child will be felt for time to come. We love you, Aunt ReVoe