Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday to our Cutie!

(sleeping little newborn Micaela)
(first Christmas. Getting kisses from Nana)
(Sisters. Lauren 20 months. Micaela one week)
(Pre-school Halloween party. 4 years old)Micaela celebrated her 6th birthday a couple of weeks ago. We love our Micaela girl so much, and feel so blessed to have her in our home.
I had a couple very special experiences when pregnant with her and with her arrival. When it comes to spiritual matters, she seems wise beyond her years.
I realized I was pregnant with her the weekend of Lauren's first birthday. So they are 20 months apart. There was instantly a close bond between them, and they're still best friends. (Some days when Lauren gets home from school, she's disappointed that Micaela is off at a friends house, because she wants to play with her sister.)

* Her funny, carefree personality
* That she doesn't let anyone boss her around
* Her intelligence and love for books (As soon as she could crawl, she's crawl up the stairs to her bookcase and begin pulling out books one at a time and use baby-talk as if she were reading, and then turn the page. She'd do that for an hour.)
* That she remembers almost everything she reads and hears. This can make for some good comedic moments, when she throws out a line of a movie, or something she heard on a TV commercial. At lunch the other day I had prepared her lunch on a paper plate. She got excited, "Yeah, we're making it a Dixie day!!"
* Her blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and long eyelashes. Her cousins are convinced she's a Fairy. "Because she has fairy hair, and a fairy voice."
* The way she freely expresses her emotion and love to those around her.
* She gets so excited about everything in life.
* Her love for dance and her innate ability. That she loves to stand on 'pointe' without ballet shoes on. (Don't know how she does that one).
We love our Micaela with all of our hearts. We're glad she arrived 6 years ago!


Brynn said...

Happy 6th birthday Micaela! Man, is that YOUR mom giving her kisses, or MINE?! Holy cow they look alike!

Andrea said...

Looks like she had fun! I don't know how she does that toe thing either....I've only seen it a couple times but I think it's burned onto my retinas....it looks so painful!

She's a cute little thing....I can't believe how old all these kids are getting!

Emma said...

I Never rilised but she dose resemble to a fariy