Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gotta Love Fall Weather!!!!!

So this is what we were doing just a couple of week ago.........

One day after school, I packed up my three children and a couple extra friends, and took them to a nearby park. There's a really fun playground, but who can resist wading in the irrigation ditch that runs through the park.

And this is two days ago......................

Yep, it snowed!!! In October. I guess not totally unusual for where we live. But it's always a shock when you go from warm weather, to freezing winter weather. These pics were taken after church. I had been out the day before to buy warm coats (everyone had outgrown theirs). They don't quite go with church clothes, but they liked them so much they wanted to wear them. There's was a lot more snow when we woke up. Part of it had melted when we got out of church. The kids were bummed because they wanted to go make snow angels. After we took these pictures Micaela spyed snow on the trampoline and thought it's be a great idea to make snow angels there. I told her not in her church dress!

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Emma said...

I'm NOT Ready for Winter