Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Birthday Celebrating!


For Micaela's Birthday we had a "Boo Birthday Bash", a Halloween costume party. We did a couple crafts, games, had a Scavenger Hunt with all the lights turned off and they all had their own flashlight. We made witches brew complete with bats blood (fruit punch concentrate), swamp water (limeade concentrate) toad hearts (strawberries), and some other interesting stuff. They liked all the smoke from the dry ice, and I had an ingredient for each child to put in the witches cauldron. Then we had a costume fashion show down our back staircase with a strobe light. Micaela had so much fun and said, "Thank you mom, this was the best birthday ever". We're so glad Micaela is surrounded by so many great and fun friends.
Then the next day (her actual birthday) we went bowling as a family, and then had my parents to lunch. Micaela wanted an American Girl doll, which she got, but I warned that would be all that she'd get (cause they're so dang expensive). So she got the Elizabeth Am. Girl Doll (her fave because she read in the catalog that she was learning how to be a proper lady) and an extra outfit and accessories. Oh, and yes, I bought another rodent (we had a guinea pig already)! She got a baby teddy bear hamster the week prior. She's large, with orange/brown fur and very sweet. She named her "Cupcake". I bought her from an individual a couple weeks before her birthday. AJ spilled the secret, so it wond up being an early present.

Thank you to everyone for the cards, gifts, and especially for loving Micaela and being apart of her life.


Emma said...

Sownds Like fun.

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1boy4girls said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a lot of fun! And Oh my goodness, I had to look twice. Your mom totally looks like mom in the background. I suppose it makes sense that they would look alike, but I just never noticed. How silly of me!

Lisa R.D. said...

This looks like a great party. You are definitely the hostess with the mostess :).