Friday, April 3, 2009

Loving the new camera

Lauren received a digital camera for her 8th birthday a couple months ago. She has LOVED it! And although I don't really appreciate the pictures she takes of my backside (not on purpose, of course), or pictures of me first thing in the morning, she gets some fun pictures. So, here's some random pictures from Lauren, that captures our personalities and happenings in our home!Lauren has become great at self portraits.She's willing to share the self portrait at times. This is of her cousin Emma that she loves. They always have so much fun together. They share the same birthday, but Emma is 2 years older! They love hanging out and having sleepovers together.
Again, sharing the camera (obviously someone else took the picture this time). This is Lauren's favorite friend, Hunter. If neither one of them are at piano or dance, then they're together.

Lauren's favorite Uncle Nate, posing for the camera.

AJ with his LUCKY CHARM hat, or at least that's what we called it. This was St. Patrick's Day, and the hat he made at pre-school. Doesn't he look like the Lucky Charm boy??

Sister Micaela, always dancing. AJ usually tries to get in on the action. He's a great spotter.
Typical, out of control Micaela. (Again, in dance clothes). She went a little crazy with a stamp pad apparently. She's a clown!

The classroom pet gerbil we babysat for the weekend. Not sure we'll do that again!:)

Some of Lauren's friends at her birthday party. This picture was taken at Target during a scavenger hunt. These were the girls in Lauren's group, and some of her best friends. Lauren, London, Haley, Hunter.

Matt Daddy (as the kids call him.......that's his Wii name.........mine is Mamabeauty. The kids named us both, and call us these names all the time) pulling a face. In his usual attire of dress shirt and tie.

The young photographer captured the personality of her brother in this picture perfectly. He's a little goof!


Brynn said...

She got some great pics! My kids decided it was more fun to make videos, needless to say, it's been scary going back to watch what they've created! LOL

Shirlene said...

She's quite the movie maker, too. Her camera takes video, so they've come up with some pretty creative shows that they've video taped. It's fun!