Saturday, April 18, 2009

HAPPY EASTER (a week late!)

AJ leaving pre-school after a fun Easter party!

One day on our way home from dance, we saw a sign on the side of the road that read 'Baby Chicks For Sale'. The kids screamed and I hurried and turned the van to get to where the chicks were. They must have had at least 100 baby ducks and chicks for sale. They were very cute. The kids almost talked me into bringing a couple of home. But after spending less than 10 minutes, the smell was unbearable. And then after I drove away, I began to think"baby chicks turn into big chickens, what would we do with chickens roaming our yard". I'm glad I didn't buy on impulse:)

Dying Easter eggs (we had a couple of friends over, too)

Easter Sunday. This may be the last time I get them to wear matching clothes, but don't they look so cute. They girls aren't really into the princess style dresses anymore, which is a little sad, so we had to settle for Justice outfits. But they're still girly and cute.

Easter egg hunt at our house. Afterwards we went to our friends house for a yummy breakfast!

We hosted Easter dinner. Matt's parents, my parents, and two uncles came for dinner. AJ thought he was in heaven sitting between his two uncles. All day he kept asking, "When's Uncle Steve going to be here!"
Easter is my most favorite season/holiday. I love that the flowers begin to bloom, everything begins to come alive again outside. I love the weather turning warm, new spring clothes, but most of all, I love the spiritual message of Easter. I love our Savior, and I'm grateful that he lives and that he knows and loves me!

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Brynn said...

Great job on the NO impulse buy! That would have been crazy, big ol chickens wandering around your yard, YIKES!!! YOu got some super cute pics of the kids holding them though.

Looks like you had a wonderful Easter.