Friday, April 17, 2009


About once a month our elementary school has a spirit Friday. Recently it was crazy day (not to be confused with crazy hair day). Basically anything went. When I dropped the kids off for school it was fun to see everyone's creativity. The girls chose their clothes and how crazy they wanted to be. They both chose old dance costumes, nonmatching socks and shoes, nonmatching hair flowers and crazy big earrings. They thought it was kind of fun to have an anything goes day, and wear whatever their little hearts desired that day. (Apparently I don't foster independence because I always choose what their going to wear to school, and set it out the night before. That way they don't wake up and choose some crazy nonmatching outfit, like these, to wear to school. I have issues with my kids looking like little orphans.:)
AJ was very disappointed he didn't get to go to school looking crazy. He wanted a mo hawk.

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Brynn said...

Funny, I'm the same way when it comes to matching! It looks like the girls, even though it's "crazy" day, still match for the most part! LOL

Very cute pics!