Sunday, March 8, 2009

Little Cheerleaders!

One thing I have noticed about my 3 children; they're each others biggest fans. Even AJ gets excited over the girls accomplishments and the things they're involved in.
I remember last year during dance competitions........Micaela, Lauren and I were all at the dance competition. Lauren had competed 2 dances that day and was on stage awaiting the results, sitting with her team. Micaela had remembered their line-up number. While sitting next to me, in the audience, she kept saying under her breath, "Come on number 54, come on number 54" (okay I don't really remember their line-up number). Then they announced that Lauren's group won first place. Micaela jumped up, totally excited and without pretense.....she ran screaming up on stage and jumped on Lauren. I think she was more excited about the win than Lauren was herself!!
This past week Micaela danced in a competition. Lauren was so into it. She even brought her own camera and video taped and took pictures of her sister. She kept complimenting Micaela on what a good dancer she is. "Micaela, you can even do moves that I can't do, and you're almost 2 years younger than me!"
You might would think that two girls, both into dance (they take at different studios, too) and so close in age that they might be more competitive, or be jealous of one another. But they both seem very confident in who they are, and are genuinely excited for each other.
Even AJ after this competition kept giving Micaela a thumbs up and saying, "Micaela, you did awesome!" He said it so many times she was almost starting to get annoyed. As a parent, it's fun to see siblings supporting each other.
The past couple of weeks Micaela has been working on a school wide story telling festival. Lauren got out of a class to watch Micaela do it for the whole K grade. Micaela's eyes were almost locked on Lauren's the entire time she told her story. She was glad her sister was there.
Then Micaela had the opportunity of being a finalist from K, and perform for the whole school. Lauren was able to watch from the audience with her school class. When they got home from school that day, Lauren complimented her sister many times and said she was brave to get up there and tell a story in front of the school, and kept saying, "After the assembly everyone in my class and my teacher said that you were the best one, Micaela!". It was so sweet. Lauren could have participated in the storytelling festival if she wished, but this did not interest her at all. And even so, she was able to support her sister, since it did interest Micaela.
The girls have also been very helpful in potty training AJ. They're quick to praise him. He always wants to show them his pre-school artwork, and even though things are pasted side-ways, or are scribbled, they tell him that they're very cool, and are excited about the things that take place in his 3 year old life.
I love the fact that our children love each other so much, and can cheer each other on in their little accomplishments in life!

(Micaela showing off her medal after after her dance competition last weekend!)

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