Thursday, March 12, 2009

2nd Grade is Fun!

When the girls come home from school I love hearing about their day. It brings back memories of my own elementary school experience. When they're at school, it's totally their own little world that I virtually have no part of (other than volunteering, etc). So I love when they share details and experiences. This is one Lauren shared with me on Friday:

"Mom, ya know Austin at school, he's that boy that has liked me since the beginning of 2nd grade?" I said, "Um, yeah, I remember Austin" (even though I didn't REALLY remember him, or that he liked my daugher). "Well, he now sits at my table. We were just sitting there and he was staring at me.......then he said.........'Lauren, you are really pretty.'" "I said, 'what'? cause ya know...... you don't EVER hear BOYS tell GIRLS that at SCHOOL!". "And then he said, 'you are really pretty'. "Then after I heard him say that I knew that he really did tell me I was pretty. I thought it was a little strange. Boys at school don't usually say those kinds of things to girls"

I then asked Lauren, "So then what did you say back to Austin?". "I just said, ' thank you'."
(I guess at least she's polite.)

I must admit, I prefer a boy telling my daughter that she's 'pretty' instead of the one who liked her last year who'd tell her she was the "hottest" girl in the whole 1st grade. I'm not sure I like someone, even if he is only a 7 year old boy, saying that my daughter is "hot".
Oh, jeez, what to look forward to as these girls get older!


Brynn said...

Too cute! Shirlene, she is beautiful! Yeah, I so don't envy you when your girls hit their teens! YIKES! Can I say again how glad I am I only have 1 girl?!

Julie Pia said...

Hey Shirlene!
I'm so glad you stopped by to say Hi. Your blog is so darling. I'm going to add you to my friends so I can keep up on you. Hope things are going well for you guys.

lots of love,