Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oh, Boy!!!

I thoroughly do enjoy our little man of the house. He's now 4 1/2, and full of personality! But he sure is a different type of species compared to the girls.
Recently Anthon had fun playing on the playground with a little neighbor boy. It became time for Anthon to come inside. This is how Anthon said goodbye to his friend: He smacked him on the back and said, "Bye, bye ballerina!" Then the little boy laughed with a deep belly laugh and said, "Bye, bye......and called Anthon some type of 4 year old name. Then Anthon laughed and chased after him and tackled him down and yelled, "Bye, bye poopy pants!" This banter went back and forth a couple of more times. I didn't know whether to correct them or just laugh since they both were getting a kick out of it. Could never imagine my girls doing this... EVER!
Also, he's ADDICTED to the Wii, computer and television. He doesn't like to play with toys, and would much rather be entertained by electronics (again, totally different than the girls).
He HATES to shop! Come on, that's my source of entertainment. I have to bribe him to even go to the grocery store with me. It's getting very expensive for me to take him anywhere:) And places like Hobby Lobby......forget it. Just the idea of the place, he throws himself on the floor in a tizzy(sort of how Matt responds if I ever make him go to a craft store with me...okay not really, but I think he'd rather go to the dentist!)
He asks everyday if we can have In-n-Out for lunch. He loves hamburgers. And steak is his favorite food! He'll eat a whole steak by himself!
He loves to punch, wrestle, put people in headlocks, and hit them with swords and dart guns.
Yes, he is extremely different from the 2 girls......but ya know what, I adore my little guy! He's extremely sweet.He's the cuddliest little kid. Did I mention,I LOVE HIM TOO DEATH!! He still wants me to hold him, and cuddle him, and he tells me I'm his girl. He gave an amazing talk ( for a 4 year old) in Primary last Sunday. It was about Joseph Smith. He told the story in his own words and then bore his own testimony.
Yes, he has me wrapped around his finger!
I hope he turns out....and that he grows up to be a kind, responsible and caring adult!!! Wish us luck...we need all the help we can get!!!


Emma said...

He He sounds like someone else I know. ;]

Lisa R.D. said...

This was so fun to read... he is growing up so much!

Brynn said...

Welcome to my life... TIMES THREE!!! I love my boys, they are SO much fun! I'm on the complete opposite side of things as you though, I'm enjoying the girly girl for the first time after the 3 boys & am LOVING my little Princess!

Oh, I so don't blame him for wanting In N Out every day, we literally lived on that while on our vacation!