Friday, April 16, 2010

For the Love of Dance

(Lauren's group-Lauren is left, middle row- with their dance instructor. Jessica is an amazing ballerina, and was the lead in many shows at Ballet West prior to becoming a mother)
Lauren had the opportunity of dancing for a Stake Women's Fireside (8 years plus) last month. It sounds a little strange, and very nontraditional, but it turned out pretty amazing. They had dances, which were coreographed to church music, intermingled with narration and testimony. Lauren was in a ballet group which danced to Consider the Lillies. The Fireside was well attended, and held in the Cultural Hall. It was held 2 evenings.

Before each performance there was a devotional held for the participants and parents. This Fireside was our next door neighbors idea. She was a Ballet major at BYU. At the pre-fireside devotional she talked about how we can serve our Savior and Heavenly Father in everything that we do, even when we're dancing. And that she wanted to use dance in this manner. It was a novel idea and concept, and I'm glad Lauren had the opportunity to experience it.


Angela said...

Oh my goodness- Shirlene posted! And in only 7 months? Luckily I come by enough to know your business anyways :)

Anna said...

glad you posted. sounds like a really nice event, so sad we didn't get to go.