Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Newest Accessory

Okay, so in my '25 Random Things' about myself I mentioned that I LOVE accessories of all kinds, and have ever since I was little. I remember when I was in 1st grade I saved my own money to buy a pair of clogs (it was the 70's remember!). My mother probably didn't think they were practical for school and didn't buy them, but I SOOOO wanted them. So I saved my own money and bought them and absolutely LOVED them.
So here's a picture of me with my newest accessory. I can't say that I LOVE these 'girls', but they're necessary. I think the frames are cute....they're made by 'Candies' , but.............I'm just so stinkin' blind! When you're as blind as I am, it's so much harder to see well with glasses compared to contacts, which I've worn constantly since I was 12. I have no depth perception, and very little peripheral vision. The other day I pulled into a parking stall at JoAnn's crafts. I thought I did a great job parking, but when I got out of my car, I soon realized the lady next to me had about 4 inches to open her car door to squeeze her baby out. I decided to jump back in my car and try again........didn't do much better the second time! (Normally I'm a pro at parking:)

Anyway, you may wonder why I'm choosing to wear glasses. It's because I'm getting ready to have Lasik surgery done. I am SOOOO excited. I have dreamt about it ever since it has become popular. But it was always a matter of money, and more recently a matter of inconvenience. But I'm doing it this time, and I can hardly wait. For any of you who have never seen Lasik done, I'll post the surgery on my blog. I guess they take a video for you as a keepsake! Yeah. I do feel very lucky that I get to have this done! If there was a house fire, or some other type of emergency, and I didn't have glasses or contacts, I'd be out of luck. There's no way I could see to help me or my family!

So if you live close, and see my van on the street, you may just want to watch out or pull to the side of the least until I get my surgery done!
(This isn't the best pic, our 8 year old is the newest photographer in the family. She got a camera for her birthday, and there's more shots of me taken than I really care for. Me in bed, me first thing in the morning cleaning the kitchen, and lots of my backside. It's tons of fun!)


Kimberly said...

You look very cute and smart in your glasses!

Anna said...

I like the glasses. They look great.

1boy4girls said...

YEAH for Lasik! I had mine done 2 years ago. I had a slight complication with one eye and had it redone. Even through all of that, it was SOOO worth it! Btw, your glasses are adorable! I just wore my old ugly out of date rx ones before my surgery. You're so much hipper than I!

andrea said...

Ask Ron about it. He loved it. Unfortunately, it didn't fix the "up close" loss of vision that comes with age, so he still has to use reading glasses, but he'll take that over glasses all the time any day! When is your surgery?

Lisa R.D. said...

You look great with your glasses on, they are very fashionable (which is no surprise, because you are the fashion queen!). I think I might pass on watching your surgery though :).