Thursday, January 29, 2009

25, I mean 30 things about Shirlene

I posted this on FACEBOOK. Since I’ve been a lame blogger, I thought I’d add this to my blog so I’d actually post something new. So here goes……25 (actually 30) random things about Shirlene:
1) My favorite vacation spot is San Diego, California. Growing up we went to San Diego every summer, and I’ve been there aseveral times since being married.
2) I’ve never been outside of the United States, except for Canadian side of Niagara, and Tiajuana, Mexico. (Maybe if this weren’t the case I’d have a different favorite vacation spot listed as #1)
3) I don’t like to be away from my kids overnight. In our 8 years of being parents, the longest we’ve ever left our kids is 2 nights (and that was only once).
4) I’ve been pulled over several times for a DUI, even though I wasn’t intoxicated :) This was in my younger, and single days. I blame it on being out extremely late, and having a car full of people to distract me!
5) In the 90’s when I had long curly red hair, I used to get told a lot I looked like Nicole Kidman.
6) One day, when I’m older and my kids are big I want to sing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (don’t laugh!) I suppose it would be good to get started on voice/music lessons now!
7) Spring is by far my most favorite time of the year! I love seeing tulips bloom, hearing birds chirp outside my window, and buying Easter dresses for my girls!
8) I used to go to every BYU home-game with my husband. Now I can’t stand to go. I have too many other things to do, I can’t sit still and enjoy the game. I’ve never fully understood football……maybe that partially explains it too.
9) I’ve been approached by several people over the years and asked if they could pay me to decorate their homes. (Never done it! I only like to decorate my own house. I know what I like)
10) I like to do yard work---but it drives me crazy if I don’t have the time to keep up on my yard.
11) I like a clean and organized home.
12) I’ve only been in one car accident in my life. I was by myself, and was 19. It wasn’t a bad one.
13) I once ran out of gas at the ‘point of the mountain’ at 2 A.M. This was back before cell phones were popular. A van with no windows stopped to help. I lived to tell about it.
14) I don’t like confrontation (yet I don’t let people push me around)
15) I try to always be a kind person---I like doing nice things for others.
16) I like doing fun things with my kids. I’m always coming up with creative ideas to entertain them (and me)
17) I LOVED High School Muscial 3, and felt like getting up and dancing in the aisles. I probably liked it more than my girls.
18) I have 4 brothers, and no sisters. I always wanted a sister. I get envious when friends talk about hangin’ with their sisters—I wish I had one to hang out with.
19) I don’t have a lot of patience for crafts. Especially tedious ones like sewing, quilting, knitting. I NEVER do these. Lately I have made jewelry for my girls, and hair flowers, however. These are fast and easy!
20) I love to hike.
21) I don’t enjoy camping (unless it involves clean sheets and a hot shower….like a Marriott)
22) I like catching up with old friends.
23) I have lots of decorative birds around my house (pictures, wood carved birds, rod iron, etc). And so do my parents.
24) Someday I want to be able to run a marathon.
25) I like myself! (I don’t know if I could have said that in my younger days :)

26) My favorite sound is my children laughing when they’re together
27) My best friend is my husband. I’d rather be with him than any other person.
28) I LOVE accessories, and have since I was little. I love purses, scarves, shoes, jewelry, hats, etc. These make an outfit, in my opinion. Check out my newest accessory! I’ll post something soon.
29) I love all my Phelps cousins who live all around the country. We have a close, and fun ‘extended’ family.
30) I love my parents, and have always been close to them! I was never good at lying to them or deceiving them in any way!


Brynn said...

Ok girlie, do you not count hitting an entire herd (are they called herds?) of deer an "accident"?! Do NOT tell me you did that on purpose!!! LOL

I too love our extended family!

Shirlene said...

Oh, oops, forgot about that one. Lucky you, you were there to experience it right along side me.......plowing right through a herd of deer. I still get a little anxiety when I drive at night that some animal might jump out in front of my car.

Angela said...

I too only like your kind of camping. John just can't understand this. And I'm not a craft person (as you have probably noticed at Marilyn's craft nights). And I also always wished for a sister. Everyone's best friend is their sister it seems- guess we have a bunch in common. :)I also can't stand going to BYU games...although a Utah game is just the ticket

Anna said...

You want to run a marathon?! So ambitious. Right now I'm just aiming for a 5k---wanna be my training buddy once it gets warm? Right now I plan on running on the track at BYU til it gets warm.

I warn you, I'm a slow runner.

grams said said...

Fun blog Shirlene.