Sunday, January 16, 2011

Little Man is growing up!

Anthon is really growing up all of sudden. He turned 5 in September. He's lost 2 bottom teeth. He's playing organized sports --soccer and basketball. He likes to play with friends more than mom. He's started getting invited to Late-Nights (sleepover w/o the sleepover part), he's starting to read, and oh, the ladies love him (talking about the 5-6 year old variety). Couple of girls want to marry him, and there's a new girl that just moved in that goes to our church. She always goes out of her way on Sunday to get Anthon's attention. She'll wave and then just sit and stare at him with a huge smile. Recently, when church was over, Anthon came to find me in my classroom. This same little girl saw him in the room and came in to say "hi" to Anthon (though they had just parted because they're in the same class). After she left he said, "Okay......that was awkward!!"
He is a man after my own heart. Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm a germa-phob. I carry hand sanitizer in my car and my purse. Yesterday the girls were out of school for the holiday. They and their friends talked me into taking them to DI (thrift store) to look for legos. Apparently our 5 buckets that I've bought them isn't enough. Someone told them you could find them at DI and put them in a bathtub with bleach. Anyway, when we walked in the smell of a thrift store hit them. Anthon wouldn't touch anything. Then as we were walking around he whispered, "Mom, do you have hand sanitizer in your car?" I broke out laughing. But I had similar thoughts, getting to the sanitizer!!!

Though Anthon is growing up he still likes the privileges that come from being the "baby" of the family. And isn't quite ready to relinquish my lap or cuddle time. Hope that doesn't end any time soon. He told Nana that he's my baby until he's at least 18. Yay! So hands off ladies, this boy belongs to me.....and when he gets older, I'm going to remind him that it's until he's at least 18:)


Lisa R.D. said...

Darling picture! I love to read about his personality--such a little man (just like you said!).

Angela said...

You 2 crazy kids. My hands barely even know what sanitizer is :) He'd better get used to the DI if he wants any cool halloween costumes for parties when he's older. Welcome back to blogging!