Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Say Goodbye to Summer!!

Even though the calendar says that there's still a few more weeks of summer left.....once the kids go back to school, you may as well kiss summer goodbye! But the girls were ready to go back today. They both woke up at 6:40 (a minor miracle for Micaela) and were happy and excited. Yeah, Micaela is a 2nd grader this year!
Lauren, the big 4th grader! She doesn't seem even remotely little anymore.
The girls were excited to ride their bikes to school with their friends.

Micaela has never had Halle in her school class before. They chose desks right next to each other.....lets hope they don't get in trouble for talking:) Micaela LOVES to talk, but she is pretty obedient and studeous in a classroom setting, and so is Halle.

Trying to figure out the new bike-lock.

Micaela has the same 2nd grade teacher that Lauren had. She was SO excited to get this teacher. And Micaela knows all the girls in her class. Micaela said her favorite part of the day was lunchtime when she could see all her friends.

This is Lauren saying, "Mom, seriously, no more pictures!" So .....apparently having your mom hang out with you while standing in the class line before school......and taking your picture...... isn't cool! Who knew....I've never had a 4th grader before. After getting funny looks from the kids in line, I looked around and realized I was the only mom there. (look at the girl in the background...her expression matches Lauren's. :)

Anthon tagged along in the bike trailer, wearing his PJ's still. He gets 2 more weeks before pre-school starts. When we passed by this extremely tall gate that is around the cafeteria area (it is super tall, probably 12'), he looked up at its' height and said, "this is where they put you when you get kicked out of class".....

So it was just me and my boy today. I think Anthon appreciated the extra attention. He's had to share it all summer. The house was quiet most of the day, and Anthon did ask a few times......"Mom, what can I do?!!" So he entertained himself part of the day by snapping pictures with my's a couple I don't mind sharing (they're not of my backside like most of them)

Goodbye summer........hello school!


Valerie said...

I was a 4th grade mom there too! And Shane wasn't nearly as excited about school starting as your girls were. He was really uptight about today, but he was fine once he found some friends & figured out where to go into the school. :)

Lisa R.D. said...

It looks like your girls had a great start to this year! I hope they love their classes/teachers. My kiddos were really excited too!

Angela said...

I can see why Micaela and Halle are such good friends- must be kindred spirits- they're dressed the exact same right down to the necklace.

Kimberly said...

Anthon cracks me up! Too funny!