Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mother's Day

I felt very loved on Mother's Day. Matt called my mother without my prodding, and invited her to Sunday dinner. I'm so glad I have such a great mother, and they we were able to spend our day together! We sat down to a yummy meal at this table, with a centerpiece of beautiful flowers that Matt brought home the day before. He made us his yummy steaks, garlic mashed potatoes, watermelon, and chocolate cake. I had to bite my lip when a lady at church said that her husband was going to make pancakes for the kids before church that morning, but she asked him to hold off and make them after church for lunch since it was Mother's Day. She said she'd have to wait and see if he'd follow through. I didn't dare tell her what the menu plan was at our house, or how I was going to be pampered. (Matt actually makes dinner every Sunday, though. It's our best meal of the week. He's a much better cook than I!!!)
I feel so blessed to have 3 beautiful, happy, self confident children that teach me so many things about myself everyday......and especially teach me about what is really important in life! I'm glad I get to be with them for eternity, and my awesome husband! The people that mean the most to me in my life! My sweet children were so excited to give me all their cute little presents that they made at grade school and pre-school. And all their sweet little cards. Anthon decorated a white pot-holder at pre-school. When I opened it up and commented how well he drew a flower on the hot-pad, he kind of looked at me funny and said, "It's a little bag". It kind of did look like a small purse or something, kind of funny that all along he thought he'd decorated and wrapped a small, white purse for me. It's fun to see them so excited to give me their little tokens of love and appreciation. I love them!


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Yes, I am blog stalking you! :)
Glad you had a great Mother's Day!

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